A baby's first year goes by so quickly and is filled with lots of milestone moments. A sitter session is a celebration of when your baby is able to sit upright by themselves and may be close to crawling, but are not yet able to walk.

I capture your babies genuine expressions when they smile, giggle and their adorable proud little face when they realise they have learnt to sit up by themselves. It is also a perfect time to get some cute photos of your little ones chubby leg rolls, which tend to disappear once they start walking.


Sitter sessions will last up to one hour and take place at an outdoor location of your choice such as a field, park, beach or beautiful garden.

I recommend dressing your baby in either a sweet little dress for girls or a handsome little outfit for boys. It is also a good idea to have your babies favourite toy, book or teddy with you during the session.


Every baby develops at their own pace and a sitter session is generally booked for around six months of age.

I am very aware that babies quite often are on a schedule with naps, bottles, meal times etc and therefore I work with you to book a session time that fits in with your daily routine.