Sitter / Milk Bath sessions are a fun way to celebrate and mark the milestone of your little one being able to sit up unaided. These sessions generally occur when your baby is around 6-8 months, however, every baby is different and will reach this milestone when they are ready and in their own time. During these sessions, I like to capture your baby being

In my experience, not all children want to eat the cake and therefore we make the session as fun and sensory as possible with the addition of a wooden spoon.


Cake smash sessions last for 90 minutes and take place in The Studio.

During the session, I will start by taking portrait images using ONE letters, followed by the cake smash and then the splash bath session. The aim of the splash bath is to capture your little one having fun in the bath and also to get them clean!

WHAT should my little one wear?

I recommend dressing your baby in white or neutral outfits with their legs and arms uncovered. At this age, it is very cute to capture any little leg rolls and to see their hands and feet. Please bear in mind that cake smash sessions can sometimes get very messy and even the parents might end up wearing a little cake or some bubble bath depending on how much fun your baby has splashing around.