Welcoming your new baby into the world is one of the most emotional and life changing experiences. I want to capture those feelings for you to hold onto forever. I create beautiful, soft & natural images by focussing on you, your baby and the beautiful bond you have with each other.

In my experience, it can be incredibly overwhelming when you first bring your little one home and the thought of trying to get out the house is not always easy at first. For this reason, I offer a newborn in home session, as there is no place more relaxed and comfortable than your own home. 


Depending on the location you have chosen, I will either meet you at an outdoor location or I come to your home.

I will spend up to two hours with your family.

There will be no posing, unless there are particular photos that you want to pose for. I merely give gentle direction, as I believe there is something truly special about capturing your family in real moments. 

For in home sessions, I love including your homely sentiments such as cuddles on the sofa or bed, feeding your baby in the nursery, holding your baby in a rocking chair or photographing your little one tucked up in their moses basket/next-to-me or cot.

I also think it is beautiful to capture images of your babies sweet little features including their tiny fingers and toes, birth marks and baby hair. In years to come, all of these images will help you remember how tiny they once were.


I recommend booking your session as soon as you have had your 20 week scan. We will make a provisional booking for approximately ten days after your due date and we can adjust this if your baby arrives early or late.

The ideal time to have a newborn session is between 7-21 days after your baby is born. I only book one newborn session per day to ensure there is no rushing you or your baby.  

As soon as your baby arrives, you get in touch with me and we confirm your session date and time.