COVID-19 Safety


As of the 29th March, I am able to offer outdoor location sessions with up to 5 people.

Unfortunately, I am not currently able to offer any of my in home photography sessions until the UK government reviews and changes the current restrictions.

How will I keep my clients safe?

  • I will wear a face mask during all in home sessions and at outdoor sessions if requested by clients

  • I will use hand sanitiser before, during and after the session

  • I will maintain social distancing measures according to the UK Government

  • I will not touch my clients

Is it safe to use props?

  • I will ensure all props are cleaned thoroughly with an antiseptic wipe or spray before and after a session

  • I will ensure all blankets or wraps are washed thoroughly in a washing machine. Please note, non-bio washing powder and conditioner is used for the safety of newborn skin

Hands off approach...

  • In order to maintain a social distance during your session, I will have a 'hands off' approach. This means that if a reposition of yourself or your child or an adjustment of clothing is required, then I will explain what needs to change and ask you to do it

  • For in home sessions, if I need to adjust any furniture, objects or bedding then I will reuse hand sanitiser before I touch anything or I will ask you to move it

"Keeping my clients, my family and myself safe
is my upmost priority"

—Cassie Barrett