Hi, I’m Cassie.

aka mumma & wifey

I'm an Aussie chick, born and raised in Honeysuckle Place in Melbourne, Australia.

Honeysuckle is special to me as it is where all my family and childhood memories come from.

I am a Mumma to one handsome little cheeky chap and two cute little fur-babies.

England has been my home for over a decade now and I am definitely an English village girl at heart.

My photography journey...

Photography started for me when I was a young child, as I have always loved everything about taking photos. I can remember begging my parents to let me use the family camera. Every chance I got, I would snap away and then race to the local camera shop to take the film to be developed.

In 2018, I had my baby boy and he is my greatest achievement. I absolutely love celebrating every milestone in my son’s life and I am obsessed with capturing our families memories to keep forever. Our home is filled with photos of my families treasured moments including our wedding day, when I was pregnant and when our son was a newborn.

It was after having my son when my love of photography kicked into high gear. I realised that life is short and I wanted to spend my days with my loved ones, doing what I am really passionate about - family photography! I have spent the last few years enhancing my training and skills in preparation for the birth of Honeysuckle Photography. 

"My family and friends mean everything to me.
I always try to live in the moment and I love capturing those moments so I can remember them forever"

—cassie barrett

Random facts about me...

* I love all things rose gold

* I have a Bachelor of Science degree

* My Hubby would say I am a shopaholic

* I represented Australia in Tenpin Bowling events all over the world

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